In 2017 Pastor Powers was contacted by text message by Bro. Johnson, a great friend of ours and good man of God from Nairobi Kenya about the severe drought conditions there.  This condition is covering a large part of the nation of Kenya.  From Nairobi to Mambassa is the most severe. He is asking for immediate relief of food and water because the people are literally dying of thirst and starving to death.  Worse than that, their only means of income is there cattle and goats and they are also dying from lack of food and water. 

The Lord spoke to Pastor Powers' heart to drill 3 wells in this region.  With no funds available he began later in 2017  to contact people and churches that have supported the Africa work in the past and share this need. Each well costs approximately $25,000.  In early March of 2018 the first well was completed and is now providing fresh clean water! Praise God!!   A second well has been started and as of the middle of March, thanks in large part to an amazing response from a half page add in the Harrisonburg,VA  Daily News Record, over $20,000 has been donated and we are within a few thousand dollars of having the funds to fully complete this site.

There are several reasons for the high cost of these wells.  The first well had to go down 650 feet and the second went just over 600 feet.  Secondly, there is no power in the locations where the wells need to be.  The wells are ran by a solar panel system and we have to build a structure which can house batteries for this system and two levels on top of that for water storage tanks.  The pump fills the tanks every night and water is made available during the day.  There is one take dedicated for people and another for the cattle.   At the second site will be by laying underground piping to take water 1 1/2 miles in one direction and 1 1/2 miles in another direction to make water easier to access with less walking for the people.