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    I was contacted by text message by Bro. Johnson, a great friend of ours and good man of God from Nairobi Kenya about the severe drought conditions there.  This condition is covering a large part of the nation of Kenya.  From Nairobi to Mambassa is the most severe. 

    I have no ability to help without you helping me.  I know that we can only do so much but we will type the text messages so that you can read them and show you the pictures.  He has contacted me two separate times and he is asking for immediate relief of food and water because the people are literally dying of thirst and starving to death.  Worse than that, their only means of income is there cattle and goats and they are also dying from lack of food and water. 

    We want to drill a deep well in that region and build a reservoir.  That would probably cost about $20,000.  I am not asking for anything, I am simply showing you the need and trusting you to pray and find the will of God. 

     In His Grip,

    Pastor Powers