We have been operating in the nation of Tanzania for over 18 years and since 2003 we have operated Safe Haven Orphanage which is home for XXX children.  The orphanage is staffed 24 hours a day.  The children receive 3 cooked meals every day, clothing, schooling and church services through the week so not only are their bodies fed but they are taught about the good things of God!

Several young men that have grown up at the orphanage are now preaching the gospel.  Bro. Jonas Kadeghe supervises the daily operations at Safe Haven as well as preaches at the church located on the grounds every Sunday.  The church is also open to people in the area to come and Bro. Jonas has done a wonderful job over the years.


In many nations on the continent of Africa being an albino child has many dangers.  Beyond the physical problem the sun easily causing burns on the skin the witchdoctors attempt to kidnap these children for their rituals.  They believe the blood of these children is special and they will chop off an arm or a leg of an albino child and use it in their heathen worship ceremony while the child is laying on the ground in pain.  They will then bind up the wound and leave the child maimed for the rest of their life.    

In 2017 Bro Jonas came into contact with a small orphanage approximately 1 hour from Safe Haven that took in these and mentally handicapped children.  The conditions were very poor at that location and they could not even afford one meal for the children that included meat.  They could only feed them "stiff porrage", which is a mix of corn meal and water.   We began to bring them rice from Safe Haven to supplement their diet.  Eventually we took over management of the orphanage and was able to move into the nice building you see at the right.  

To get these children to school was about a 30 minute walk each day and the government has required us to purchase a bus to take them.  Pastor Powers was able to locate a unit that met the requirements and people responded to the need.  The yellow bus in the pictures at the right is currently on its way from Japan to Tanzania.  Thank God for meeting our need!!